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Company History

Company History
1922 Mr.Chunosuke Kokubun late president, started manufacture of new design braiding machine.
1936 Partnership of Kokubun Iron Works organized.
1949 Mr. C.Kokubun engaged in technical training in India as consulting engineer invited by
Indian Government.
1958 Reorganized in Kokubun Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1959-1967 Appointed by Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan,
as high contribution of export company.
1964 Capital increased 50m. Yen.
1970 Mr. Shusuke Kokubun as president.
1975 Sales of rotary braider started as Japanese sole agent for
Wardwell Braiding Machine Co., U.S.A.
1981 Denka Kogyo Co,. Ltd., subsidiary, started in Iwata City as anodizing processor.
1990 Capital increased 70m. Yen. joined with Tokyo Small Business Investment Co., Ltd.
1991 Renamed to Kokubun Limited.
1998 ISO9001 Certified
2001 The Head Office&Factory is moved.
2002 Mr. Shigenori Kokubun as president.